Social Responsibility

I believe in giving. I’m blessed with a fulfilling life. My journey has not been smooth sailing but it has opened my eyes to see life differently.

Mama Graca Machel puts it very well when she says “Deep pain gives you a complete different perspective on life. You come out of it much richer and more sensitive to others and wanting to touch their lives”.

I don’t think there’s any pain deeper than losing your parents or your loved ones.

I started an NGO called Fisokuhle Foundation of Hope. Our aim is to focus on supporting families who have been victims of divorce and to support orphans.Our ‘STOP DIVORCE CAMPAGAIN’ takes place annually in January. Our main aim is to give inspiration to couples who are thinking of throwing in the towel and to create awareness about the dynamics and after-effect of divorce.

The sustenance of stable families is a project that’s very close to my heart and building a stable family is hard work. Couples need inspiration and motivation all the time. I took it upon myself to do it with grace and style. I’m a modern woman so style is part of who I am.

The Deafnet Centre of Knowledge chose me as their Goodwill Ambassador. The organisaztion that empowers and educate deaf people in Africa. I make time for young girls and engage them on life issues. I also give food parcel to people in need. I also give away dresses to young girls in Matric for their school Ball events.
I never got the chance to experience the event, my father didn’t approve of any event happening at night. He didn’t allow me to go. There is so much that we can do with the little that we have in our communities. It really doesn’t have to be something huge. Some girls and boys need affirmation, some need a shoulder to cry on and some just need someone to listen to them.

I love giving because some people have believed in me.  They gave me their time and wisdom to be where I am today. This is my way of expressing my gratitude.