Tina Cartwright Chairperson

KZN Women in Business

I was privileged enough to be part of a panel with Felicia Buthelezi, at the CNBC Africa in association with Forbes Magazine Women’s Life Conference, talking about how women deal with the different hats they wear and how they manage to balance it all. Felicia spoke with confidence and insight, as well as a genuine openness which endeared her to the audience. Felicia has a wealth of knowledge and was a pleasure to listen to.

Cynthia Mbanjwa

The founder of Virtuous Women Network

Felicia Buthelezi, Mrs B as we fondly call her, is a woman of strength and integrity. She exudes passion and love for what she does. A perfectionist at heart, always wanting to be well prepared for everything. Be it a chance meeting at the corridors of an office block or an interview, she is always prepared. Minutes spent with her leaves me wondering why I was not carrying a recorder to record her pearls of wisdom. As she matures, so does her wisdom. Wake her up at midnight, she will gladly without hesitation share with you her reasons for existing.

Nonhlanhla Mnisi

Author, Speaker & Producer

Mrs B was a dynamic speaker at my book launch “5 Books at 25 years”, birthed by her indepth thoughts shared on my latest book : “A good woman/man BUT not a great partner”. Whilst addressing the dynamics of people’s social lives and how it impacts their behaviors in relationships; a new perspective was given to an audience of 200 people who’s feedback still flows in to-date. It is when you speak into people’s hearts and share your own personal experience journey, that you plug into the next person’s world – which is what Felicia Buthelezi accomplished on stage.

Noelle Makhaukane Wa-Ka Ngobeni

Johannesburg Business Mentor: The Hope Factory SAICA Enterprise Development

I am grateful to Felicia Buthelezi for her courage and boldness to start I do brand. I am not married however, her vision inspire me to contribute to other people’s lives. I always encourage married couples to subscribe to I do Magazine. The world needs women like Felicia Buthelezi, to appeal to the hopes of those who still believe in marriage and family values. Such great intelligence needs to be celebrated.

Martin Manamela

Author , TV Presenter and Speaker

I had an oppotunity of listening to Felicia Buthelezi delivering her speech.
She is prolific, profound and on point. She is one of those rare speakers who don’t just speak to excite the audience but to inspire, transform and recalibrate your mind. I recommend her for any platform.

Soso Thamae

Self Employed

Felicia Buthelezi social media posts are very inspiring and encouraging. They make me switch to positive mode when the negative thoughts overwhelms me.

Lillian Barnard

Director of LillianB Consultant

Felicia and I first became Facebook friends and we then eventually decided to meet in person, which was a really good idea. She is absolutely a breath of fresh air, when we kicked-off our conversation it was as if we’ve been in conversation for some time, and we only picked up when we left off. She is authentic to the core and an asset to have in your network. I am looking forward to us building a solid long-term relationship both personally and professionally.

Mr. Stephen Van Basten

Author, Speaker and Relationship Coach

I saw Felicia Buthelezi at the I do awards 2014. Her presence had an immediate calming effect on the audience.
Her passion for marriage is obvious and her ability to communicate with the audience was amazing.
Her massage is fresh and uplifting.

Ms. Welekazi Jobosigo

Senior Legal Advisor at Transnet

Felicia is a must follow on social media. Her posts are inspiring, positive and honest. In a world where we all know that no news is good news, Its refreshing to be surrounded with people like Felicia that always keep it real and remind you of what matters most in life. The one thing that has stood out for me from my personal experience with Felicia is her love and passion to uplift those around her. She takes time and effort to know more about others and always takes time to encourage and uplift. She goes the extra mile for those less fortunate. She is an exceptional mentor on the business front. Her work ethic speaks volumes. I for one am encouraged by her life, her work and how she carries herself.